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A message from Noah Campbell, School Leader

The questions we get asked the most often is why should parents choose Discovery Academy over the many other options they have in Toledo?  What sets Discovery apart from the rest?  The answer to those very important questions is "family".  As parents, our children are the most important aspect of our lives, and the idea of putting them in someone else's care for eight hours a day can be a daunting thought.  But education is a necessity, and if we must entrust our children to someone else, we want to make sure they are going to be loved and cared for the same way we as parents would.

At Discovery Academy, each child is treated as an individual, with individual goals, skills, and personalities.  Our staff recognizes the worth and dignity of each learner that enters our building, and we strive to build a relationship with that student, because we know, only then, will true education take place.  We care for your children as if they were our own, providing them a safe environment, filled with high expectations and love.

We understand that our parents have many choices of where to send their children, and when they choose us, we take that responsibility very seriously.  Thank you for considering Discovery Academy, and we hope you will soon be as #discoveryproud as we are!

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