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The Autism Wing at Discovery Academy

Founded in 2018, the Autism Wing at Discovery Academy offers self-contained classrooms with no more than six students. These students will be taught by a high-qualified Intervention Specialist along with a full-time paraprofessional to offer support and additional one-on-one attention.  Inclusion opportunities with grade level peers will also be offered where appropriate in the form of specials (Art, Music, and Technology) and even core academic content areas.  Students must have an IEP/ETR with the eligibility classification of "Autism" to be eligible to enroll.  Contact us today to set up a tour and see if we can help meet the needs of your family!

To make a meaningful, positive, and lasting difference in the lives of children and families affected by autism.  To provide a nurturing and caring educational environment that addresses the unique needs of each student. To inspire, guide and develop strategies that will help our students reach their fullest potential, build a successful future, and enjoy a quality of life everyone deserves.  

The Autism Wing at Discovery aims to be the premiere model for the education of children with autism spectrum disorders. We encourage parents to be fully engaged with the educational team and feel empowered to create opportunities for their children to aspire to and achieve their highest potential.         

  • A team of professionals will organize a curriculum that responds to the changing needs of individual students and supports growth towards their independence and lifelong learning.

  • The program will provide the positive supports necessary to ensure goals are met.

  • The wing will have multi-grade classrooms that will group students based on their need and abilities.

  • Design of classrooms that maximizes skill acquisition and independence and decreases stress and anxiety.

  • Well-designed classrooms with clearly defined workstations and visual cues to increase the independence of the students.

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